Local Produce

Local Produce

In the restaurant at Skillogalee we aim to use as much local produce as possible, although we stick to quality over locality! If we can't get it in the Clare Valley we then radiate outwards from here until we find a product that is up to our standards for the restaurant. This page is designed to show you what local produce we are using, where we get it from and also what we are making with produce we grow on the property.

The Loquat Jelly from last year has been put to good use recently. We have been roasting vegetables in it and serving them with Kangaroo Island Haloumi. The sweetness of the jelly went wonderfully with the saltiness of the cheese. Kangaroo Island is the best Haloumi I have been able to find. Try it if you can.

Our loquat tree does not look like it has any fruit on it this year - apparently they usually fruit only every other year. Luckily a lovely friend Rose said her tree has plenty on it this year for us to use.

The veggie patch is coming along, we have just recently been trying to get it up and running again. We are bombarded with zucchini at the moment and the red cabbages are just starting to form. The baby beetroots were my favourite recently though. The leaves were wonderful to use as a garnish, with such lovely colour, and the beets themselves were delicious.The Artichoke Flower

We unfortunately let the wonderful artichokes go a bit too far before we picked them, so they have all gone to flower and look spectacular outside the cellar door. We might have to plant some somewhere else on the property as it’s always such a hard decision between harvesting the fruit or leaving them to flower!

In about March our figs come into season. We have 4 trees growing in the middle of the vineyard, which supply us with an abundance of amazing fruit. Last season we served them in the restaurant wrapped in prosciutto and topped with goats curd, it was a delicious and very popular dish. We also make fig jam, pickled figs, poached figs and dehydrated figs, we do not let any go to waste!