Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Skillogalee? Please see some common questions and answers below and contact us if you have any further questions.

About Skillogalee

Skillogalee is located in the Clare Valley wine region of South Australia. Skillogalee is a pleasant 90 minutes drive north of the capital city Adelaide, which is accessible by plane from many domestic and international destinations.

Click here for directions and contacts.

While bookings for the Cellar Door are not necessary for groups of less than 4 people, any larger groups should call in advance to make sure we have the ability to best serve you.

Bookings for the restaurant are recommended, especially on weekends or holidays, and bookings are required for the accommodation.

Please contact us to book.

Getting to the Clare Valley is much easier by car, however once you are in the region it’s also possible to cycle or walk the 35 kilometre Riesling Trail which passes by Skillogalee on the John Horricks loop.

If you planning to drink we highly recommend you arrange transport, or join one of the available chauffeured wine tours. Please see the Clare Valley tourism site for more information.

The Clare Valley is full of activities for the whole family. Please visit our activities page of the Clare Valley tourism site for some suggestions.


Our wines are available in our online store for customers in Australia.

Cellar Door

If you are in the Clare Valley please visit our historic cellar door to taste and purchase our wines.


Our wines are available in retail wine stores in Australia, and some locations overseas including Switzerland and the UK. If you are unable to find our wines please ask your friendly wine store owner about stocking them.


In addition to our own restaurant many restaurants around the country include Skillogalee on their wine list. Please be sure to ask your sommelier about Skillogalee if you don’t see them on the list.


Trade buyers please contact one of our local distributors to assist with your purchase.

No, we believe strongly in the quality of our award-winning wines so we do not have any coupons or discount codes. Any codes you find online will not be issued by Skillogalee, and there is no place to enter a coupon in our shopping cart.

The only discounts available are by becoming a free member of Skillogalee. In addition to other benefits, members receive free Australia-wide shipping and exclusive access to discounts and limited & early release wines. Join for free now.

It’s hard to hear when said but the correct name is Skillogalee, as in Skill-oh-gall-ee, not Skillagalee.

It comes from the early 1840’s when John Horrocks, an early explorer, was on an expedition into the outback, what we now know as the Flinders Rangers, and his party was beset by illness, injuries and bad weather. Having run short of provisions, they survived only by making a “skillogalee” or “skilly” – a sort of thin porridge or gruel, probably from grass seeds and water. This occurred around where Skillogalee is now located and it is therefore known by that name due to this event. The word “skillogalee” comes from Celtic origins and the dish was commonly fed to prisoners in Ireland around this time.

Wine Questions

Yes, all our wines are made without the use of animal products.

While all our wines are ready to be consumed when they are released, many will benefit from careful cellaring – if you can wait!

It’s easily possible to age all our Rieslings, Shiraz and Cabernets for 10+ years. Please see the individual wine descriptions for more details on recommended drinking windows.

More than 20-years ago a group of Clare Valley winemakers, frustrated by cork-related faults such as cork taint (TCA), joined together to offer all their Rieslings using screw caps.

As one of the first regions to universally switch to screw caps, the Clare Valley has been at the forefront of studying the benefits of the enclosure over the last 20 years. Now in Australia and New Zealand nearly all wines are bottled with screw cap or other inert enclosures to ensure the wine reaches your glass in the perfect condition.

Those are tartrates, also known as “wine diamonds”, and are a natural component of grape juice and wine. They are formed from tartaric acid, which is naturally occurring in all wine and provides flavour, balance and structure. Over time small amounts can crystallise in the bottom of the bottle, your glass or on the bottom of the cork. These “wine diamonds” are usually clear in white wine, and purple crystals in red wine.

Don’t worry – the crystals are harmless and simply show our natural approach to limiting chemicals and strong intervention in the winery.