Liqueur Muscat

Nestled alongside the scenic creek, below our historic cottage restaurant and cellar door, ancient Muscat vines flourish. These extraordinary vines produce the grapes that form the soul of our Skillogalee Liqueur Muscat. Having thrived for decades, they are an integral part of our estate’s unique terroir.

Our Liqueur Muscat is meticulously crafted, following a time-honoured process akin to that used for tawny port. We select and blend various vintages of delectable sweet wines, each individually fermented and fortified. This intricate blend then ages gracefully for years, even decades, in oak puncheons using the traditional solera method. While released as a non-vintage wine, each bottle contains a blend of Muscat that goes back many decades, capturing a moment in time.

As for the title of “Liqueur Muscat”, it’s not merely decorative. By law, a wine must contain at least 17% alcohol and 11% residual sugar to earn the ‘liqueur’ prefix. Our Muscat not only meets these stringent criteria but exceeds them, offering a truly indulgent experience that engages all the senses.

$45.00 (save 10%)