Trevarrick Cabernet Franc

Skillogalee’s Trevarrick Cabernet Franc is handcrafted from a carefully selected range of dry-grown vines on the slopes of our single-estate property in the picturesque Clare Valley. These mature, low-yielding grapevines of the Cabernet Franc variety, grown in the gully near our cellar door, produce fruit with distinct sensory characteristics that epitomise the graceful nature of this noble grape.

Each vine is handpicked, ensuring only the finest fruit is selected to create a wine that exudes sophistication with a delightful fruit character and a true varietal expression. The grapes undergo fermentation in small open fermenters before being gently basket-pressed to extract the complex and structured wine. The wine is then matured in French oak, which imparts subtle oak nuances, while preserving the lively fruit flavours and the characteristic acidity of Cabernet Franc.

Our skilled winemaking team tastes each barrel individually to create a well-balanced and structured wine that showcases the unique and distinctive characteristics of the Cabernet Franc variety. The resulting wine is a beautifully layered, medium-bodied wine with aromas of black cherry, black currant, and spice, accompanied by a silky-smooth finish. Enjoy now or cellar for a few years to witness the wine’s evolution.

$49.50 (save 10%)