Vintage Collection

This collection of current vintage wines includes a special selection of award-winning wines from Skillogalee. Like all our wines, these come from our sustainably-managed, low-yielding vines growing on the slopes of the Skillogalee estate. Our fruit is tended to in individual parcels, with each contour and block of vines picked separately as it reaches optimum ripeness and flavour. Each parcel is then fermented individually, allowing us to foster the distinctive characteristics of each variety and each site, before they are blended harmoniously to create the wines we love.

We’ve designed this collection to give you a real insight into the unique character of Skillogalee wines. Allowing you to sample a selection of the exceptional range in one specially priced mixed dozen including six bottles of white varieties and six bottles of red varieties. You’ll receive two of each of the current vintage releases of our acclaimed Riesling, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Take Two (Shiraz/Cabernet), The Cabernets and our Basket Pressed Shiraz.


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