Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query about Skillogalee? You’ve come to the right place for answers. Our FAQ page is designed to address common questions that you might have, with concise and informative responses that we hope will enhance your experience with us. From details about our offerings to insights into our wines, these questions cover a broad range of topics. If you find that your particular question isn’t covered in the information below, please feel free to reach out directly and contact us.

About Skillogalee

Skillogalee is situated in the heart of the world-renowned Clare Valley, one of South Australia’s oldest and most respected wine regions. The winery is a scenic 90-minute drive north of capital of South Australia, Adelaide. Adelaide is well-served by international and domestic flights, making it easily accessible from many locations. Once in Adelaide, visitors can rent a car or book a chauffeur service to make the scenic drive to Skillogalee.

Click here for directions and contacts.

While walk-ins are welcome for wine tasting at the cellar door, we do recommend booking to ensure the best experience and to guarantee space in our cosy cellar door. Bookings can be made online or by calling us on (08) 8843 4311. Please note that larger groups of more than 6 people, tours, and buses can only be accommodated by prior arrangement.

We recommend making a booking for the restaurant, especially on weekends and holidays. Walk-ins are also very welcome if space is available. To make a reservation, please visit our booking link or call us on (08) 8843 4311.

Getting to the Clare Valley is much easier by car, however once you are in the region it’s also possible to cycle or walk the 35 kilometre Riesling Trail which passes by Skillogalee on the John Horrocks loop.

If you planning to consume alcohol we highly recommend you arrange chauffeured transport, or join one of the available wine tours. Please see the Clare Valley tourism site for more information.

The Clare Valley is full of activities for the whole family. Please visit our activities page of the Clare Valley tourism site for some suggestions.


Our wines are available from our online store for customers in Australia. We can also arrange overseas delivery to the United States, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Please first check if we have a local distributor, and if not please contact us for a shipping quote to your country.

Cellar Door

If you are in the Clare Valley please visit our historic cellar door to sample and purchase our wines directly.


Our wines are available in retail wine stores in Australia, and some International locations. If you are unable to find our wines please ask your friendly wine store owner about stocking them.


In addition to our own restaurant many restaurants around the country include Skillogalee on their wine list. Please be sure to ask your sommelier about Skillogalee if you don’t see our wines on the list.


Trade buyers please contact one of our local distributors to assist with your purchase. If we do not currently have a distributor in your country, please contact us to inquire about potentially distributing Skillogalee Wines in your country.

At Skillogalee, we pride ourselves on crafting wines that deliver unparalleled quality without compromise. As such, we generally do not offer discount codes as a standard practice. However, we do occasionally provide special offers on select wines during festive seasons or significant events.

To stay informed about these exclusive opportunities, we warmly invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our newsletter, which can be found in the footer of our website. Rest assured, we value your privacy and peace of mind; your email will only be used to share the most important updates with you, including new wine releases and our most anticipated campaign events.

We understand that many of our patrons inquire about discount codes on a daily basis. While we appreciate the enthusiasm and interest in Skillogalee Wines, such codes are only made available in conjunction with our carefully curated campaigns and are not provided upon individual request.

To ensure you don’t miss out, keep an eye on our social media announcements and check your inbox for our infrequent yet informative emails, which are always crafted with our Skillogalee community in mind.

The correct pronunciation of our name, Skillogalee, might be a bit elusive when you’re trying to catch it in conversation.

The phonetic pronunciation is [ˈskɪl.ə.gə.liː], with the emphasis on the first syllable, sounding like “SKILL-oh-gal-ee,” not “skill-A-ga-lee.” But remember, there’s no need to worry about mastering the pronunciation. While it’s not uncommon to see it misspelled as “Skillagalee,” other variations like “Skillogallee,” “Skillogale,” or “Skillogally” also pop up from time to time. Despite these variations, many simply know us affectionately as “Skilly.” This nickname is just as familiar to our customers, so feel confident ordering our celebrated Skilly wines by their nickname at any restaurant or bottle shop.

Interested in the origins of our unique name? Visit our history page to uncover the story behind Skillogalee.

Wine Questions

Yes, indeed! We’re proud to say that all Skillogalee wines are crafted without any animal-derived products, which makes them a superb choice for vegans and anyone interested in ethically produced wine.

In traditional winemaking, certain animal-based substances are commonly utilised during the ‘fining’ process. Fining agents such as gelatine (from animal bones and connective tissue), casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), and isinglass (fish bladder protein) help to clarify the wine by removing proteins, yeast, and other organic particles.

At Skillogalee, we opt for alternative, plant-based fining processes that align with vegan standards, ensuring that no animal products are used from the vineyard to the bottle.

Absolutely! While each bottle of Skillogalee wine is crafted to be enjoyed upon release, the true potential of many of our wines can be further realised with patient cellaring. If you can exercise a bit of restraint, you’ll find that our wines evolve beautifully over time.

Our Rieslings, with their vibrant acidity and complex aromatics, are particularly well-suited to aging and can develop intriguing toasty, petrol-like characteristics after 10 years or more in the cellar. Shiraz lovers will appreciate the way time softens the tannins and brings out a symphony of spiced, dark fruit flavours. Our Cabernet Sauvignon, known for its robust structure and depth, can also be transformed through aging, with potential to cellar for a decade or more, allowing the wine to unveil layers of complexity and a graceful integration of fruit and oak.

Each wine’s description on our website includes a recommended drinking window to help you determine the ideal time for enjoyment. While we provide these guidelines, the perfect time to open a bottle is any night you feel like it!

To ensure the best aging results, we recommend storing your Skillogalee wines in conditions with controlled temperature, humidity, and minimal light. Proper cellaring can dramatically reward your patience, allowing each wine to reveal its full character and potential.

In an innovative move more than two decades ago, visionary winemakers from the Clare Valley formed a coalition to address a persistent issue affecting the quality of their wines: cork-related spoilage, including the notorious cork taint (TCA). Their solution was a shift to screw caps, which was a significant departure from winemaking traditions.

As pioneers in the universal adoption of screw caps, the Clare Valley has led the charge in exploring the advantages of this sealing method for over two decades. Presently, in Australia and New Zealand, it is almost universal for wines to be bottled with screw caps or other neutral closures, safeguarding the wine’s integrity until it is poured into your glass. At Skillogalee, our commitment to screw caps is rooted in our dedication to maintaining the intricate aromas and flavours of our wines, ensuring they’re experienced exactly as the winemaker intended.

Those are tartrates, also known as “wine diamonds,” and are a natural component of grape juice and wine. They are formed from tartaric acid, which is present in all wine and provides flavor, balance, and structure. Over time, small amounts of tartrates can crystallize in the bottom of the bottle, your glass, or on the bottom of the cork. In white wine, the crystals are usually clear, while in red wine, they may appear as purple crystals.

Don’t worry – the crystals are harmless and actually demonstrate our natural approach to limiting the use of chemicals and minimising intervention in the winemaking process. At Skillogalee, we strive to produce wines that are true to their terroir and reflect the unique character of our vineyards.

We have to ask

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