Skilly Riesling

Skillogalee, colloquially known as Skilly, has been creating artisanal wines in the heart of Clare Valley for over five decades. Its this widespread recognition and reputation have even earned the valley the moniker “Skilly Valley.” Our Skilly wines celebrate this legacy, paying homage to Skillogalee’s enduring reputation and uncompromising quality — it’s no wonder then that these wines are simply known as Skilly.

A wine crafted to delight — expect lifted aromatics of bright tropical fruit with herbal spice and a gentle, juicy palate.

We’ve been making generous and full-flavoured wines for more than fifty years in the heart of the acclaimed Clare Valley. So what’s our secret? Exceptional fruit for a start, grown here on our estate vineyards among the wooded hills of our home, the Skilly Valley. Caring for this magnificent land is also at the heart of everything we do. Bring all that together with our passion for sharing great wine — and the magic begins!

$18.00 (save 10%)