Skilly Shiraz

Why be serious when you can be Skilly? For more than fifty years, Skillogalee – or Skilly, as it is affectionately known – has been producing artisanal wines from the heart of the Clare Valley. Skillogalee’s widespread recognition and reputation have led the valley itself to be commonly known as “Skilly Valley.” Our Skilly wines honour this legacy and pay homage to the enduring reputation of Skillogalee — that is why these wines are simply labelled as Skilly.

Brimming with plush berry sweetness, this gorgeous wine weaves together a soft and approachable style with bright fruit characters.

Skillogalee has been producing generous and flavourful wines for more than five decades in the acclaimed Clare Valley. Our wines’ secret lies in the exceptional fruit grown on our estate vineyards nestled amidst the scenic wooded hills our home, known as the Skilly Valley. At the heart of our winery is our devotion to nurturing this magnificent land — add to that our passion for sharing exceptional wine, and the result is truly magical!

$18.00 (save 10%)