Small Batch Grenache

Discover the complexity of our limited-edition Small Batch Grenache, expertly crafted from hand-harvested, dry-grown vines sourced from historic vineyard blocks around our estate in Sevenhill. Our Grenache is a survivor — this wine is crafted from grapes grown on individual ancestor vines that have steadfastly remained Grenache when the rest of the vineyard was grafted to alternate varieties many decades ago.

This wine is made from grapes that are harvested separately and then, after cold soaking, undergo small batch fermentation before the skins are gently basket-pressed to maintain the delicate fruit characters. The wine is then aged for 6 months in French oak barrels to preserve its fresh fruit flavours and acidity. The winemaking team expertly blends the wine to highlight the elegance and complexity of the Grenache grapes resulting in a wine with bright, fruity flavours and a structured finish.

$49.50 (save 10%)